RBFA or the Royal Belgian Union of Football Societies Association

Royal Belgian Football Association
Royal Belgian Football Association RBFA

The Belgian Football Union oversees all the bodies making up Belgian football

Whether it is the administrative or sporting organization for football in Belgium,

The Belgian Football Union (RBFA - Royal Belgian Football Association)  is the benchmark body. All the football clubs present in Belgium have, in one way or another, a link with this association.

RBFA celebrated its 35th anniversary

The Belgian Football Union was created in 1985 as a non-profit organization to allow Belgian football to structure itself in an even more professional way. The association has also been recognized by FIFA, the international body that oversees football worldwide. It is also RBFA that formalizes the participation of Belgian clubs in international competitions.

RBFA represents many clubs

The Belgian football fan often tends to see in RBFA the representative of professional clubs participating in the Pro League. But the association intervenes in a much broader way in the field of Belgian football. It is estimated that more than 2,000 football clubs are members of RBFA. Each year, the Belgian Union organizes at least 300,000 football matches across the country.

RBFA is divided into different entities

It’s impossible, even for a small country like Belgium, to manage all football matches and organized competitions in the same way. Therefore we will also find, within the Belgian football governing bodies, regional and provincial associations such as the ACFF or the VV.