The guide to Belgian and foreign football

The guide to Belgian and foreign football
The guide to Belgian and foreign football

Follow the Webfoot guide and discover all the subtleties of Belgian and foreign football

The world of football is wide, and we are not all equal in its understanding. This is why, in the future, we will develop various more informative sections, but also pages allowing you to better know your favorite players, your favorite teams… Better, you can be involved in the creation of this encyclopedia of Belgian and foreigner football, then Webfoot is your encyclopedia.

The rules of football

To fully understand a sport, you must know the rules. And no, football is not just a sport where two teams of eleven players compete for a ball to place it in the opposing team’s goal. Things are a little more complex. Therefore, we are currently developing a guide to the rules of football "for dummies".

An international foodball guide

Webfoot intends to develop pages specific to Belgian football, but also knows that your passion is not limited to the borders of Belgium. Therefore, different sections are dedicated to football on the different continents of the world as well as in the different countries where the round ball, as with us, makes crowds move. This will give you a better understanding of international competitions or games between football teams in other countries.

A help tool for your predictions

Having access to a source of information such as Webfoot, the Belgian and foreign football encyclopedia, undoubtedly represents an advantage for who wishes to make predictions on one or the either match as the statistics offered on our site are many. And everyone knows, when we indulge in the prediction game, we like to be right.

Answers to your questions

Do you have a question about Belgian or foreign football? There's no need to look any further. Chances are, the answer is on Webfoot, your football encyclopedia. And if the answer should not already be found on Webfoot, you can help other football fans by writing the information that allows you to answer this question. This is also an encyclopedia of participative football. Sample questions?