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Whether we’re talking about an international star, the best Belgian players, a player with an unknown talent or an amateur indulging in his passion for football every weekend, they are often our idols, whom we like to follow, day after day, week after week. We invite you to find on this site all these players of the round ball.

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  • The easiest way, if you know the name of the football player, is to enter it in our search engine. It opens by clicking on the small magnifying glass at the top of this page.
  • In the pages showing the football matches, click on the team to which the player belongs. You can then find out the composition of the team and click on the name of the player you are looking for.

Participate in the development of a football encyclopedia

As a football passionate, you surely follow more assiduously some players. Then, you are the best person to contribute in the success of our project: to create the largest encyclopedia on Belgian and foreign football, professional and amateur. If you wish, you can create player profiles that we will then post on the website. To do this, simply visit the page dedicated to Webfoot correspondents. You will find on that page all the necessary informations to share with us your passion for football, but also for such a player in particular.

Supporters, football players meet on a common platform

Certainly, Messi, Hazard and other Ronaldos probably do not need Webfoot to shine on the web. But what about the thousands of players who, every weekend, at the cost of sometimes intensive trainings, thrill the world of football, in Belgium and abroad. With a file on, he or she will benefit from greater visibility. Regularly updated, it will allow everyone to follow the statistics of players. Interesting criteria, whether during the transfer period or when you want to make predictions.