Football competitions around the world

There are few sports that excite crowd around the world as much as football (soccer) can do. Played on all continents, it gives rise to exciting football matches and competitions. Of July 28, 2023 to May 26, 2024 place in the Jupiler Pro League.

(re) Discover football from here and elsewhere

Do you want to follow a competition from the other end of the earth or the one that takes place at the end of your street? On, it is possible with a few clicks of the mouse. Are you a fan of this or that player? Again, allows you to follow the competitions in which it plays, whether it is a specific football team or a championship putting different nations in the spotlight. Find below five buttons like so many continents on which we play football, but we also organize competitions that bring together many supporters every weekend. Click on the continent that interests you and let yourself be guided in the different countries to find the championship that holds your attention.

Football on streaming

You have found the football competition you want to experience. Thanks to our collaboration with numerous football-related applications, we regularly update the results obtained by the various football teams. Certain football matches are also broadcast on the Internet. offers easy-to-use links to join these broadcasts, free of charge and without obligation. With a few clicks, you can see your favorite football players evolving and can be thrilled with their exploits as if you were in the stadium.

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Like all enthusiasts, you want to share your passion for football. And there is nothing simplyer with Indeed, whether it is to put a player in the spotlight (from the international star to your best friend who plays on a local team), you can become a Webfoot correspondent. Ditto if you want to tell a match or a burning news concerning the world of football. With a few clicks, you submit your articles to us and we publish them so that the webfoot community can benefit from your love of football.