Asian football competitions

Asia is the land of football. But the Asian continent is large and to administer the practice of football in Asia, FIFA has established the AFC or Asian Football Confederation. It was in 1954 that different Asian countries agreed to create this confederation and set up continental football competitions. Perhaps the most famous of these is the AFC Champions League also known as the AFC Champions League.

Leagues and Cups in Asia

The football competitions in Asia are subdivided into two broad categories:

  • Professional national and amateur football managed by the federations of each country such as JFA (Japan)
  • Football leagues and cups organized by the AFC such as the AFC Champions League or the AFC ASIAN CUP.

AFC the greatest number of football competition

While each country organizes its own competitions, the AFC brings the countries together by organizing different football competitions. Here is a list:

  • The Asian Cup of Nations
  • Women's Asian Cup
  • The Asian Nations Championship
  • A series of Cups linked to the age of the protagonists
  • The AFC Champions League, AFC Champions League
  • The Confederation Cup

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