Pro League

Pro League, Belgian professional football leagues
Pro League, Belgian professional football leagues Belgiuim

The Pro League organizes both the Belgian football championships of Division 1A and Division 1B of the 24 Belgian professional football clubs, the Supercup, and the virtual football with the Proximus ePro League. At the national level, it consults with URBSFA and delegates representatives to several of the bodies and committees of the Federation. It also consults with the two amateur wings, namely ACFF and Voetbal Vlaanderen.

Belgian professional football leagues

Division 1A Championship

It organizes the 16 professional clubs of Jupiler Pro League .

Division 1B Championship

The 8 professional clubs of Proximus League are managed by this Pro League.



The annual Supercoupe competition, which is played at the start of the new season between the D1A champion and the winner of the Belgian Cup.

Belgian Cup

By delegation from the Belgian Football Federation, the Croky Cup is managed from the round of 16.

Professional virtual football league

Proximus ePro League

The Belgian Pro League also manages the virtual football competition called: the Proximus ePro League, the only official EA SPORTSTM FIFA 20 competition in Belgium.

General assembly

The general assembly has 23 people. Here is the list of 2020 representatives:

  • Jozef Allijns
  • Paul Allaerts
  • Mehdi Bayat
  • Andre Cattellion
  • Hasan Cetinkaya
  • Walter Clippeleyr
  • Luciano D'Onofrio
  • Mieke De Clercq
  • Ivan De Witte
  • Gunther Dieltjens
  • Karel Dierick
  • Erik Gerits
  • Alex Hayes
  • Frank Lagast
  • Marco Manso
  • Joseph Rademacher
  • Gaston Schreurs
  • Christophe Slinckx
  • Daniel Spreutels
  • Thomas Tousseyn
  • Harm Vanveldhoven
  • Michael Verschueren
  • Peter Willems


Annual presentation of the Pro League Trophies of which the most known: that of the "Pro Footballer of the Jupiler Pro League"

Official website

Here is the link to the official Pro League website: