Proximus League

Belgian Football Division 1B Championship

The Belgian Division 1B football championship, currently called "Proximus League", official name from its sponsor "Proximus" is the second level national the highest Belgian football competition since 2016. It brings together first teams from professional clubs from different provinces. This national competition is played in three phases + the play-offs.

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The Different Phases

Regular Competition

The Proximus League part "Regular Season" is played in two periods of 14 Days from August to March. What is special about this competition: all the teams face each other four times, twice at home and twice away.

The final round trip : the winners of period 1 and period 2 meet back and forth to designate the champion, promoted directly to Jupiler Pro League.

The Play-offs

Play-offs 2

PO2: Belgian clubs ranked 6th to 16th in the Jupiler Pro League compete in Play-offs 2 with clubs ranked in TOP 6 of the general ranking of the Proximus League. These clubs are divided into four groups of four. All teams start these PO2s with zero points and meet twice (home and away). The winners of each group compete in knockout matches with the goal of winning their ticket to the final. The winner of Playoffs 2 plays against the club ranked 4th in Playoffs 1 for the last European ticket.


The teams of clubs classified in seventh and eighth place compete in play-offs 3 (The Play-downs) in order to stay in the Proximus League. The seventh-ranked club start with a 3-point advantage and can play their first home game.

The Different Classifications

Three classifications are established: a general classification with the addition of the points of the 1st period and the 2nd period to determine the TOP 6 and the tickets for the Play-offs 2 of the Jupiler Pro League. A ranking for the 1st period and a ranking for the 2nd period.

European tickets

Winner of the Belgian Cup: qualified for the Europa League group stage

Winner of the POI - POII test match: qualified for the Europa League second qualifying round


From the 2020-2021 season, an additional D1B club will have the opportunity to join. The decision on promotion or retention will be made through 2 round-trip play-offs between 15th in Jupiler Pro League and second in D1B.

Structure of Belgian football

Here are the 2 levels of the football championship divisions close to the D1B:

  1. Higher level of competition; named Division 1A or Jupiler Pro League.
  2. Lower competition level, named Division 1 Amateur or D1 Amateur

Official website

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