Standard, doomed to win the play-offs 2

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The Standard either win the playoffs 2
Standard must win playoff 2 if they want to see Europe

Standard de Liège must give everything in these 2021 playoffs

Being able to participate in a European competition is a kind of holy grail for Belgian teams. The Standard, after a mixed season in the Jupiler Pro League necessarily counted on the final of the Belgian Cup to receive its accessit to at least one European competition. It was without counting the determinism of Genk who intended to win his fifth Belgian Cup.

Standard-Genk, a Belgian Cup final that starts off with a bang

The match started off in a thrilling way. The Standard was determined to s' offer a place in the Europa League and Genk wanted to pocket his fifth Belgian Cup and, moreover, a ticket for the Europa League. Then the match quickly ended and ultimately turned to Genk's advantage. Final result: 1 - 2, the Limburgers thus making the box full and causing some chain reactions.

A last-ditch competition for Standard

Determined to let their tenth Belgian Cup defeat in eighteen appearances defeat, Standard are already looking to the future with a knife between their teeth. Indeed, their last chance to join the Europa League is indeed to win the Play-Offs 2 of our national championship. The team would thus qualify for the knockout stages of a renowned competition.

European football plays Belgian musical chairs

To fully understand how the Champions League and the Europa League, at least as far as the participation of Belgian clubs is concerned, it is important to take a step back.

Regarding the Champions League, it is the Belgian Champion who is automatically qualified. The vice-champion is qualified for the 3 e preliminary round of the competition. A defeat then relegates him to the Europa League.

But this is where it gets tricky. As the winner of the Cup, Genk is automatically qualified for the 4 th preliminary round of the Europa League with, already, a ticket in his pocket for the Conference League in case of defeat. It would thus join the last team of the top 4 which obtains a place in the 3 th preliminary round of the Conference League.

But things are still turned upside down if Genk has the title of runner-up in the Jupiler Pro League as the team enjoy a place in the 3 th round of the Champions League. It is then the third at the end of the Play-Offs 1 which recovers the access offered by the Belgian Cup. The 4th th of Play-Offs 1 will then be able to play the 3 th preliminary round of the Conference League.

Complicated? it's okay to say it.

Qualifiers for Play-Offs 1 will play Europe

The very fact that one of the teams involved in the Play-Offs 1 also won the Belgian Cup allows its three future opponents to breathe a little: a place in European competition is 'ores and already acquired. This allowed Marc Coucke to send a tweet thanking the players of Genk who indeed allow the RSC Anderlecht to resume color European.

Take your agenda and strengthen your Internet connection

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