Standard-Genk who will win the 2021 Belgian Cup final ?

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Standard-Genk who will win the Belgian Cup final
Croky Cup 2021 Final Standard-Genk Match

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Belgian Football Cup final 2021

This Sunday evening, April 25, 2021, at 8:45 p.m., it's football night! It's time the Belgian Cup final Standard Genk live from the lawn of the Roi Baudouin stadium.

Who will succeed Antwerp FC as Croky Cup 2021 winner? Who will win this third Cup final between Genk and the Standard?

Or watch the final live streaming

For many supporters and Internet users the main question is: Where to watch the 2021 Belgian Cup final live streaming without having to go through a TV channel like RTL Sport HD? The answer to watch the match can be found on this link: video streaming live

Croky Cup 2021 Final

The Standard Course

To get to the last stage of the 2020-2021 competition, the Standard de Liège, was not spared by easy draws. The people of Liège had to avoid traps like the one against RFC Seraing, KV Kortrijk, FC Bruges and KAS Eupen (0-1), with no less than three games played away.

The KRC Genk Route

To reach the final phase, the Racing Club Genk, for their part, ousted Thes sport Tessenderlo (Amateur Division1), Sint-Truiden, Mechelen and, biggest chunk in the semi-finals, Sporting Anderlecht, with a prestigious victory on the road to the Parc Astrid (1-2).

Philippe Albert's opinion

According to Philippe Albert, the consultant of the Belgian football program, "La Tribune", well known to supporters of the Red Devils both for his career in the Belgian national team and for his career in a club. He is adamant: "Standard will win the Belgian Cup!" Rouches will lift the trophy

"On the 34th and final regular phase of the Jupiler Pro League 2020-2021, we saw the Limburgers weaken again at the end of the game. They seem tired, while Standard He is in good shape and very well physically. If the Reds manage to contain Racing de Genk during the first hour of play, they should make the difference before the final whistle… "

Allocation of European places

Croky Cup, what influence should Standard or Genk win?

What repercussions on the allocation of 5 European tickets in the event of victory for Standard de Liège or KRC Genk? The result of the 2021 Croky Cup final will have a direct impact on the distribution of European places and therefore on the ranking of 2021 Jupiler Pro League play-offs. Here are the two possible scenarios:

The winning Standard

Scenario number 1: Standard de Liège wins its 9th Belgian Cup and finishes first in playoffs 2. In this case, the jump-off between 4th in playoff 1 and the winner of playoffs 2 would not be played. The people of Liège would go to the Europa League, the 3rd and the 4th classified in play-offs 1 would qualify for the Europa League Conference of the UEFA, the C4.

Scenario number 2: If Standard wins the Croky Cup and does not win the play-offs 2. In this case, and only in this case, the play-off between the 4th of PO1 and the winner of PO2 will be played to play the last qualifying place for the Europa League Conference.

Genk wins the Belgian Cup

Scenario number 1: Racing Club Genk won its 5th Belgian Cup and finished in one of the first two positions in the Playoffs standings 1. The play-off for Europe would not be played. Genk would then be qualified for the Champions League, while the ticket for the Europa League, the C3, would go to 3rd in the PO1 standings and the last two tickets for the Conference League with the club in 4th position in the playoffs 1 and for the club winner of playoffs 2.

Scenario number 2: KRC Genk wins the Croky Cup and finishes 3rd or 4th in PO 1. In this case, the play-off for Europe would not be contested either. The Limburgers would go to the Europa League, the other two tickets to the Conference League will be awarded to the 4th of the POIs and the winner of the POII playoffs.

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