Belgium - Belarus: The demonstration ends with an 8 - 0

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Belgium Belarus 8-0
Belgium Belarus 8-0 Red Devils correct Belarusians

Belgium Belarus the FiFA ranking has been respected in the field

Tuesday March 30. The Red Devils host Belarus in what will be the last qualifying match for the World Cup before another major competition: Euro 2020 which, due to a pandemic, will start on June 11, 2021. The opportunity for Roberto Martinez to 'display a different team. And the least we can say is that we were not disappointed.

We would like some games to never end, a bit like a particularly tasty pizza that we would gladly take over a neighborhood. But in a pizzeria like on a soccer field, there is a point where it is time to ask for the bill and a limoncello that is remembered long after a meal. And the addition this time is for the Red Devils an eight to zero which shows that even when the big names aren't around, we have a strong team. And that we remember long after the game.

The Red Devils, one knee to the ground ... but for a good cause

Failing to have spectators in the Leuven stadium, it is the viewers who will have been surprised to see the Red Devils, one knee on the ground, before starting their meeting against Belarus. There is no acknowledgment of weakness on the part of our players, but a desire to show their commitment to the defense of human rights and human rights. All sporting a t-shirt that read "Football supports change", they intend to call on FIFA to impose on Qatar - where the next World Cup will take place (for the few distracted who would not know it yet - strong measures to protect the rights of workers - often immigrants - who participate in the construction of stadiums. An important gesture when we know that 6,500 people have already died on sites linked to the World Cup. We can simply regret that the players Belarusians did not wish to join the movement. Second strong gesture, this famous knee to the ground, rallying to the "Black Lives Matter" movement which fights against racism throughout the world. No doubt, we have committed players.

A Belarusian team far too defensive

Unlike Czechia, a few days ago Belarus decided to approach the game against Belgium with caution. A mistake, even against the Red Devils without their international sizes. Indeed, the flaw was so obvious that from the first minutes of play, everyone knew that Belgium was going to play alone and, in the process, shake the nets many times. And the viewer will not be disappointed as the game constructions were so clear and very often successful.

Like in training ...

When things go off without a hitch, we often tend to say that it went like in practice. And, in fact! When, at the 14 th minute, Doku sends the ball at Batshuayi, we know that it will end in the net. No one would have imagined such a powerful strike, but it bodes well for the Crystal Palace player.

Three minutes later, it's Vanaken, the Brugge player, who sends the ball to the back of the net, scoring there his first goal under the jacket of the Red Devils. Same observation at the 38 th minute when Trossard offered to the Red Devils a skylight as we would like to see more often during matches.

The fourth goal will come in the 42 th minute, from the feet of Doku, wonderfully served by Dennis Praet, thus winning a tense head-to-head with the Belarusian goalkeeper.

Same resentment of returning from the locker room

We would have thought that Roberto Martinez is asking his players to ease off. But that's not a very red Devil as a view of things. So it won't be until the 49 th minute that Dennis Praet tries his luck from 25 meters with a low cannonball that will leave the opponent unmoved.

Benteke, a little sad not to have more playing time with the team he loves so much, will score in the 70 th minute being able to be proud that his first action ends again in a goal. His superb volley followed a perfect cross from Toby Alderweireld, proving that the automatisms between experienced players have been retained.

The duo Doku - Trossard will still scare Belarus, but also, anticipatively, future opponents of the Belgians thanks to a perfect construction of the game allowing Trossard, at the 76 th minute, to score his second goal of the evening.

Vanaken, no doubt exhilarated by the fact of not being the top scorer of the evening, will benefit in the 89 th minute of Adnan's rise to the game Januzaj to defeat the Belarusian goalkeeper and score the eighth goal of the evening.

A hard time for Roberto Martinez

The only one who will have left the field with a crestfallen face is Roberto Martinez. Indeed, the Belgian coach has before him the heavy task of designating the team that will go to Euro 2020. A heavy task because the young generation proved this evening against Belarus that they had undeniable potential. We are therefore delighted to see what his decisions will be in the days to come, knowing that there will inevitably be disappointments, among the players and among the supporters.

One last good news

The last good news of the evening is that Wales won their match against Czechia, allowing Belgium to lead their squad ahead of the mandatory Euro 2020 break. </ p >

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