Czechia - Belgium: it is not a Czech in white towards the first place

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Czech Republic Belgium draw
Czech Republic - Belgium: Czech Republic first in Group E

Czech Republic - Belgium: Czech players pass the devils

Saturday March 27. The Red Devils, with a victory over Wales, fly confidently to Prague to reiterate their assertion of their supremacy over other European nations. But the Czechs have clearly decided not to let our national team have a long quiet life in this World Cup qualifying campaign.

Difficult for Martinez to build a team when it comes to dealing with the wounded - Eden Hazard, among others - but also to those absent due to sanitary measures in their adopted country (Thomas Meunier and Thorgan Hazard, always among others). However, the Red Devils set off confidently for the Czech Republic to beat a lower ranked team (and for good reason since they are still first in the FIFA rankings).

10 minutes of grace then the hell of the Red Devils

Things are starting pretty well for the Red devils who abuse the Czechs, Dries Mertens even offering themselves the luxury of a shot on target from the ninth minute. But we have to believe that the small Napoli player titillated Czech pride. The match then changed and if the Devils got their name from the fact that they usually put their opponents through hell, it was they who this time tasted the fear of defeat.

Thibault Courtois must use all his talents to repel the Czech assaults and in particular a strike from Jankto which he will repel with talent, then counting on luck with a ball fortunately crashing on the post in the sixteenth minute. Let us note in passing that the framework of the goals will have been part of this Saturday evening since it is this same post which, at the end of the match, will push back a however masterful shot of Kevin De Bruyne.

A first goal conceded and avoidable

If it is always easy to criticize after the fact and that we are always more help behind his keyboard than in the field, we will nonetheless underline the poor positioning of Belgium at the origin of the first Czech goal. Lukas Provod was not asking for time when receiving the ball, having plenty of time to adjust his shot and get the ball into the Belgian net.

Martinez has to make decisions. Especially since Dries Mertens had a very bad fall, injuring his shoulder and Nacer Chadli, essential for the European Cup which will start soon, is showing the first signs of fatigue. It is therefore time to initiate the changes…

Thomas Foket and Leandro Trossard bring fresh blood to the team

Martinez has no choice and must bet on the youth. He will have done well. Indeed, it is appropriate to underline the excellence of play of Leandro Trossard and Thomas Foket who will finally manage to destabilize the Czechs who no doubt have difficulty believing that they are leading in front of the Belgian national team. Both players will have shown that they can be trusted completely and that tense situations - like the one in Czechia - do not destabilize them any more than the old backpackers of the team.

Romelu Lukaku for a 59 th goal and a defender position

The Belgians are struggling to find the loophole. It will take a decisive pass from Jan Vertonghen and a millimeter placement from Kevin De Bruyne for Romelu Lukaku can give us… Romelu Lukaku. After a double hook that must have caused the Czech defender to have a turn of the kidneys, the Inter Milan player will strike the ball, which the goalkeeper has become unobtainable.

But it is in an unusual position that the excellence of the Belgian player will be underlined. Romelu Lukaku sensing the brutality of the Czech team, he will not hesitate to place himself in the heart of the Belgian defense in set times. Good pick since, three times, he will repel the ball, not without haranguing his partners, clearly in difficulty compared to the anger of the Czechs.

Thibault Courtois thanks his cross and Toby Alderweireld

It is also essential to underline that Thibault Courtois was particularly excellent during this meeting, during which his defense clearly did not excel as it usually does. Certainly, at the end of the match, he will undoubtedly thank his transverse which repelled a Czech shot as well as Toby Alderweireld which will release in extremis a header heading with precision towards the Belgian goal.

The two teams are therefore at the top of Group E. In their next match, against Belarus, the Devils will have to reaffirm their desire to be first in their group and therefore automatically qualify while the Czechs go to face the Wales for a match in which it is difficult to define who will be the winner.

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