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Football fans, professional or amateur, Belgian or foreign, will find in webfoot.be the perfect link for their passion. In a few clicks, they will have access to all the informations on football matches, past and futures, but also on the results, the rules, the striking news… In short, everything that makes them vibrate in the football world. Interactive, the site even allows them to become correspondents and share their passion with as many people as possible.

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All about Belgian and foreign football, professional and amateur, in a few clicks, bring your information to create the largest collaborative encyclopedia of football ... This is webfoot.be.

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Clap 300 for Romelu Lukaku

Clap 300 for Romelu Lukaku

It's become so much of a habit that you tend to forget it, but, yes, Romelu Lukaku remains a genius scorer wherever he puts his crampons. As proof: on February 14, he passed the 300 goal mark in a professional football match. August 22, 2009: Romelu Lukaku starts a long series He's only sixteen,…


Chazal stadium

The first team of FC Kosova Schaerbeek will present themselves on Friday 12 June

The chazal field in Schaerbeek will see the return of the first team

The chazal field in Schaerbeek will see the return of the first team