Finland - Belgium: patience pays off, but stressful

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The devils end with the best accounting result 9 out of 9 points
After their victory over Finland, the Red Devils will face Portugal in the round of 16

The devils end with the best accounting result; 9 out of 9 points

Third group stage game and another complete reorganization of the Belgian team by a Roberto Martinez always looking for the right combinations to bring our team as far as possible in the competition. And it is clear that the Red Devils, when it is 29 ° C in the shade, do not lack patience to achieve their goals.

The first that Devils fans will not fail to notice is that, for the first time, the hellish trio were back together from the start of the game. Various physical problems had indeed ruled out Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Axel Witsel from the possibility of starting. It is now done and to say the least, none of the Musketeers failed in their task.

Finland played in 11-0-0

First observation: Finland came to the Krestovski Stadium in St. Petersburg with the firm intention of obtaining the point of the draw. To achieve this goal, the rather simple idea of ​​placing all their men in defense and possibly trying their hand at offensive conversions was favored. And attempts by Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne - whose slalom between defenders will go down in history - or even Axel Witsel's shot will not make it possible, in the first half, to fold this defense to eleven.

A livelier return from the changing rooms

If the first half ends with concerns about a shock to Eden Hazard, the start of the second half is to be blamed for the Finns, at least in the opening minutes. Indeed, two rather aggressive actions let imagine to an audience a little sleepy by the soporific spectacle offered until then that things would perhaps change. But, very quickly, Roberto Martinez's men took over. And if Thibaut Courtois had to go with a parade as he has the secret in the 62nd minute, it is Eden Hazard, wonderfully served by Kevin De Bruyne, who will make us all hope for a victory.

Technology at the service of the Finns

In the 67th minute, deliverance finally comes to the Red Devils. Once again wonderfully served by Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku shakes the Finnish nets. To their delight, the Belgians do not immediately notice that the VAR has been requested. Behind the scenes, you draw lines and determine that Romelu Lukaku was indeed offside by the equivalent of a yaw (and that's hardly a picture). The goal is canceled. This will increase the desire to score across the team.

Vermaelen delivers the Belgians thanks to the Finnish goalkeeper

We find Kevin De Bruyne - easily qualified as essential - in the next action. On a corner, he gave Vermaelen the possibility of a header. And if the ball first crashed into the Finnish goal post, it was the rebound in Hradecky's face that allowed the ball to cross the line. The Finns were going to have to deploy to reach their initial goal of a split to get the point to be second in the group or even best third.

Romelu Lukaku scores his 63rd goal

No doubt a little annoyed by the fact that his first goal was canceled for a very technological offside, Romelu Lukaku did not miss an opportunity to find himself back to goal - the position he prefers - for, in a U-turn using all its power, send a cannonball into the opponents' goals. A scenario perfectly served by Kevin De Bruyne - again him - in the 81st minute. Romelu Lukaku was therefore able to score his 63rd goal for the national team.

We will also note the climbs of Benteke and Vanaken, proving that our team does not lack resources. As proof, Belgium once again achieves the feat of coming out of its group stage with as many points as possible, as it did at the 2014 and 2018 World Cups.

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