Denmark-Belgium: little trip to hell for the Devils

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Euro 2020 Denmark 1-2 Belgium
Euro 2020 Denmark 1-2 Belgium Bruyne Hazard Witsel on the field

Euro 2020 Denmark-Belgium Two halves two faces; star trio De Bruyne-Hazard-Witsel spoke

There was like a concrete screed that hit Belgium around 6:02 p.m. on Thursday, June 17. As Belgium entered their match against Denmark, the Vikings scored their first goal. It will take more than 45 minutes to regain a second wind and return to being the top-ranked team in the FIFA rankings.

Danish cold shower thanks to fastest Euro goal

To say the least, there was a great atmosphere in the Danish stadium which hosted the Denmark-Belgium meeting, our Red Devils' second match in the group stage. And it was not really to the advantage of our team, the 600 Belgian fans having a hard time making their voices heard. And that will be confirmed in… the second minute of play. A risky raise from Jason Denayer opened the scoring for Poulsen, scoring the fastest goal of the Euro at the same time.

45 minutes of cold sweats

The 26 ° C in the stadium was nothing compared to the overheated atmosphere infused by the Danish fans, literally carrying their team into a terribly attacking game. In fact, it will take a few saves, which Thibaut Courtois knows the secret, to prevent the score from growing in the first half. We will also note the lively emotion of Romelu Lukaku in the tenth minute of play, as the referee paused the match to pay a vibrant tribute to Christian Eriksen, slowly recovering from his heart attack in a hospital located less than 300 meters from the stadium.

Kevin De Bruyne, the Devil signing the return from hell

After returning to the locker room, Roberto Martinez had no choice but to hit hard. It is therefore Kevin De Bruyne who will replace a Dries Mertens too on the reserve to face the Danish armada. Good pick: after his broken nose in the Champions League, Kevin De Bruyne was thirsty for playing time. He will bring renewed dynamism to a Belgian team, taking advantage of the slight shortness of breath of the Danes. A few minutes later, Romelu Lukaku blasted three Danish defenders with breathtaking dribbling before moving on to Kevin De Bruyne who himself was offering Thorgan Hazard some caviar, too happy to bring the Red Devils back to equality.

Danish pressure remained strong

If the pressure has decreased a little in intensity, it should be noted that the Danish team held out until the 90th minute to offer an intense and dangerous game, regularly entering the small rectangle of the Devils and forcing Thibaut Courtois to (dice) show all his talent. But the real turning point of the match took place a little before the hour mark, as Roberto Martinez brought Axel Witsel and Eden Hazard to the game. It was the latter who offered the victory ball to Kevin De Bruyne, leaving No chance for the Danish goalkeeper with a strike from more than 20 meters.

A defense to consolidate

If the Belgians took the advantage in the 70th minute, this did not at all lower the thirst for victory of the Danes who will once again increase the pressure, showing a Belgian defense a little feverish in the face of the push of this kind of 'team. We came close to an equalizer when Braithwaite, with a header, titillated Thibaut Courtois' crossbar. An analysis that Roberto Martinez will not have failed to make who, if he can breathe a bit for the game against Finland, will have to shake up his troops for the round of 16, the Belgians having already qualified.

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