Belgium - Wales: an encouraging start

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Belgium Wales 3-1
Belgium Wales 3-1, summary of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match

Belgium Wales 3-1, summary of the revenge in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup

Wednesday March 24. The Red Devils face the Wales, an opponent having already put in buttons in the cleats of our national team. Good news, it turned out well for the Devils. And yet, it started off badly.

Brief step back. In 2016, Belgium is in the quarter-finals of the Euro. In front of her, a team from Wales determined to block her path. The bad news is that she pulls it off and sends the Red Devils back to the locker room with a bitter sense of defeat in her mouth. Suffice to say that yesterday's game smacked of revenge.

The Red Devils show a difficult start

Should we put this down to an absence on the pitch or to the fact that two pillars of the team - Eden Hazard and Axel Witsel - could not strengthen the team in this important match, both from a psychological point of view and in the evolution of the team in this major competition that is the World Cup.

Certainly, the Belgians have a good possession of the ball, but can not counter an acceleration of the Welsh which ends with a goal scored by Harry Wilson in a masterful way.

Kevin De Bruyne at the base of the reconstruction

Like all great teams, the Red Devils don't panic. Editor Kevin De Bruyne - who in an interview had fun and made him now an elder having to show the way to the 'little' young people - the game is being rebuilt and it It takes him just over 10 minutes to strike on goal and shake the Welsh nets.

Thorgan Hazard pays tribute to his brother

A few minutes later, the Devils prove to anyone who could have doubted that the group's cohesion is perfect. It is therefore on a millimeter center of Thomas Meunier that Thorgan Hazard heads up and sends the ball into the goal. If he took advantage of the blunder of a Welsh defender who fell on his own right in front of him, the blow is masterful and allows Belgium to regain its leadership position. After the goal, there is no doubt a wave from Thorgan Hazard: he dedicates the goal to his brother who we are sure will not have missed watching the game from his sofa.

Bale and James clash with Thibault Courtois

Back from the locker room, Wales try to get back to the mark, in particular with the assaults of Bale and James towards the Belgian goal. But that is to forget that a certain Thibault Courtois stands in front of them as the last bulwark and has little fear in the face of shots that are too timid to be really dangerous. The Belgians then manage the possession of the ball perfectly, destroying any inclination to return Welsh.

Romelu Lukaku, for a break from the penalty spot

The Devils could have been content with managing their goal in advance. However, their fighting spirit drives them forward. It was during one of these attacks that Dries Mertens gets mowed down. The verdict of the referee is final: penalty. Romelu Lukaku to send a cannonball into the opponent's net, not without having taken the Welsh goalkeeper against the grain.

Quite logically, Belgium is therefore at the top of Group E, tied with the Czech Republic who clearly left Estonia no chance by winning their game 6-2.

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