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Matricule 02366

Hoogstraten Voetvalvereniging

Sinds 1936

The club

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Profile Hoogstraten VV

The full and official name of the club is Hoogstraten VV. This football club (Belgian or foreign) is at a level (professional or amateur). Its founding date is (day month year), based in city of (city), (country), it is part of the continent (European or continent) under the aegis (Choice: UEFA, CAF, ...). The players are called the (players nickname). Its first team plays in (name of the current championship), it is the level of competition (level of importance) (country). Team A, which can be described as a flag-bearer team, is led by the coach (name of the coach). She plays her matches at home on the field of "(name of the Stadium)". (President's name) is the club president (club nationality) Hoogstraten VV. At the prize list (national or provincial), the club won the (championship or cup) in (year or season).

Webfoot.be answers questions from club fans:

  • What are the last results of Hoogstraten VV?
  • What is the schedule of the next Hoogstraten VV matches?
  • What is the ranking of the Hoogstraten VV?
  • What is the logo Hoogstraten VV like?
  • What are the colors of the Hoogstraten VV?
  • How much do Hoogstraten VV players earn?
  • Who are the players of the club that can be seen during the Euro 2020 football?

Old names

(Previous names)

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History of the club

The club won (championship or cup) in (year or season).

Foundation of the Club

The football club was founded in (year).

Colors and logo


The club colors are (Color) and (Color). Home shirts are (Color) and (Color). The away jerseys are (Color) and (Color).


The logo represents (description). On a background (Color) and a border (Color) with a decoration (description)

Stadium or field A

The stadium is one of the most (description)

The stadium is one of the most (description) stadiums in the championship. The cup and championship matches are played on field A located (address)

Since (year), the year the stadium was built, it has one of the football league stadiums. The stadium, (name of the province), with a natural (or synthetic) grass surface has a capacity of (number) seats.

Full stadium address

Address: street (street name), square, avenue or boulevard, (city name) as well as its (postal code) and (country).

Full address of land A

Address: street (street name), square, avenue or boulevard, (city name) as well as its (postal code) and (country).


(name of championship) since (season), (seasons).

Cup (cup name) (season), (seasons).

Club's top scorers

Names, nationalities, number of goals

List of TOP 5 scorers in the football championship

  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals
  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals
  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals
  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals
  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals

Complete list of goal scorers

Names, nationalities, number of goals

List of football championship scorers

  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals
  • (Player name), (country), (number) goals

List of foreign footballers

  • (Player name), (country)
  • (Player name), (country)


  • (Name of trainer), (country)

Football academy

Information about the club's football academy. How to register your child? Where to register your son or daughter? What are the age categories of the training centre's youth teams.

Youth teams

At the bottom of this internet page, football club profile, you can see the names and links of the various Hoogstraten VV youth teams ranging from (U6) to (U21).

Training center

Information on the location, fields, dates and times of club training.


  • (number) of title of Champion of (country)
  • Cup of (country) (number)

Player salaries

What are the salaries of the club's footballers? How much can a football player of this level earn?

In this championship, the league (name of the league), the football clubs are all clubs (professional or amateur). Official or unofficial salaries, represent (number) to (number) times the average monthly income per capita (+ - $ number), depending on the level of players and clubs. Just look at the roster of his team A to see that his first team is displayed names of well-known players, even stars at the national or provincial level. This necessarily implies higher wages. We can estimate, but we cannot say that the monthly wages are between (number) and (number) $.


  • (sponsor name)
  • (sponsor name)

Official Facebook website

Links from the official website and its official page of the social network Facebook



the Stadium

Sportcomplex Seminarie

Kathelijnestraat, 2320 Hoogstraten, Belgium

Type of field : Pelouse

Capacity : 5000

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