The Super League will have lived 48 hours!

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The voice of European supporters has been heard
The voice of European supporters has been heard, the Super League project is in the closet!

The supporters won their case, the European Super League is NO!

48 hours ago, the world of European football feared to implode under the blows of twelve slingers. Today, footballing bodies, both European and global, are breathing. The clubs, undoubtedly seduced by a project for the least profitable, withdraw one by one to avoid a fracture within the most popular sport of the continent.

Some had nicknamed them the twelve bastards so much the Super League project seemed conducive to implode European football and, a fortiori, world football. And it is true that this private initiative was enough to worry the millions of fans eager for accessible football if they failed to avoid the brewing of millions of euros each year.

Competing in the Champions League will require more preparation

It's hard to imagine that the staffs of major clubs like those who initiated this Super League project (as a reminder, the AC Milan, Arsenal, the Atletico Madrid, Chelsea FC, the FC Barcelona, the Inter Milan, the Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, on Real Madrid and Tottenham) did not suppose the outcry that would lead to their decision to split.

Of course, there were the reactions of politicians, but one can imagine that these did not make the creators of the project tremble. And what about the warning shots of the UEFA and the FIFA, threatening to exclude clubs and players from all international competition, quickly suffocated by a court in Madrid, seized in summary, prohibiting any form of sanction on the part of the European and world football authorities.

The strength of the supporters

Immediately, it was the supporters who expressed their disappointment. European football was therefore going to be played at two speeds. A circle of super clubs playing in private to garner as much income as possible and the others, de facto considered less worthy of interest and unable to benefit from the solidarity effect of the redistribution of income by UEFA or FIFA.

For example, Tuesday evening, when Chelsea challenged Brighton in the Premier League, thousands of supporters have ignored Covid-19 to show their disagreement with the leaders of their club. A story that repeated itself in Great Britain, but also in Italy or Spain.

The Super League stabbed by the English

It was the English who first apologized to the frustrated supporters and who announced their withdrawal from a project which we will learn that the interclub agreements were not quite finalized (contrary to what the initiators of the project had said during its presentation at the beginning of the week). Obviously, when half of the workforce slams the door, we can already doubt the viability of the project as a whole.

Especially since, a few hours later, it was the Italian clubs who announced, one after the other, that they no longer wanted to embark on a project that clearly did not meet with all the votes. As of this writing, only the two Spanish clubs have yet to speak. However, it is difficult to see how they could lead this kind of competition and especially put together the financial plan as mentioned as a duo.

Death announced, but temporary

Behind the scenes, it is whispered that if the clubs intend to keep a good face by leaving the project, the latter is nonetheless attractive from a financial point of view and that it could see the light again in a few months or a few years. One thing is certain: this will not simplify the discussions at the next congress convened by the European authorities. There is huge disagreement between the different federations, clubs and the goals of FIFA and UEFA. There is no doubt that the discussions will be heated.

Take your agenda and strengthen your Internet connection

One thing is certain: whatever decisions are made, we will continue to guide you through the world of football. Your luck? Being able to watch all the matches that interest you directly on your computer screen, with a 'simple' Internet connection (find out here how to watch the matches you are passionate about for free and live, with a simple Internet connection).

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